In 1993 I saw my first website. I convinced my company that the web was the wave of the future and we needed to be on it. In 1994, I built my first website for The Doctors' Company and it was one of three insurance companies listed in the Yahoo directory. Today there are over 5,000. I also built our first company Intranet putting many of our internal documents like phonebooks and manuals on our internal network.

In 1995, I had a vision of what the web could be, fully realized when I saw the first ever web movie debuted at Mac World. I nearly fell out of my chair...sound and motion coming together for the very first time. I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I designed brochures and flyers and mailers by day, and by night I taught myself Director (now Flash) and made electronic greeting cards for a fledgling company called e-greetings.com in exchange for training in Photoshop. My first card was featured on channel 7 news. That was back when the web was news...now it's history.

My next professional website job was an online store, TravellerGolf. Utilizing the brand new technology in the inital version of Yahoo! Store, I developed my first e-commerce solution. I have been involved with online shopping since 1996, and I have learned a great deal about how to sell on the web.


By 1999 I had three Internet stores under my belt, and I undertook a major store site with over 2000 products. Heaven & Earth retail website featured high-end health and beauty brands, and I designed some cool customer interfaces that reccomended gifts based on the consumers astrological sign and also a comprehensive aromatherapy section that allowed users to select products based on things like mood & feeling. The site itself was feng shui, utilizing the elements and the "bagua."

Blending cutting-edge technology with art has always been the most rewarding part of my work.

This six-month project with Boeing involved designing a promotion site that gave people around the world an opportunity to cast their vote to name their new airplane. Working with a translation team, the site was available in 6 different languages. In addition to the voting, the site featured a sweepstakes which needed to incorporate different rules and laws for each country. I also designed the follow-up site, which displayed the results, and offered an interactive user experience. I take no responsibility for the current site, although it does retain some elements of my original design.

FLASH INTRO (FRANCE) | online portfolio